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Access to psychotherapy

Psychotherapy: Does it even work?

by Martin Drapeau (23/04/2014)
I like to say that psychotherapy is the treatment that has been researched the most. There is plenty of scientific data available, and when so much data is available, researchers can begin to summarize that data in what we call a systematic review. In fact, there is so much data that we can not only conduct systematic reviews, we can also conduct reviews of reviews. My goal here is not to describe any of these reviews in detail; instead, I hope to draw on what is consistent from one review to the next and to translate that into terms we can more easily relate to...

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A charter of values?

by Martin Drapeau (28/10/2013)
Let's be frank...
Rest assured. If you develop an anxiety disorder after an accident at work, the government will help cover treatment costs, including costs for psychotherapy if necessary.
Your son committed suicide? Well...

More than 20% of Quebecers aged 15 years and older have, at one time in their life, suffered from a mental disorder such as depression or a mood disorder. Although costs associated with mental health problems remain difficult to assess...

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Increased access to psychological therapies

by Helen-Maria Vasiliadis (31/01/2011)
Recent Canadian studies have shown that education, income and the cost of services are factors in the use of specialty providers of psychotherapy such as psychologists in primary care. Also, health policies should focus on rendering these services more accessible to disadvantaged individuals. To date, the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia have participated in the introduction of publicly funded psychological therapies.

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May 2014 The economic benefits of improved access to psychotherapy: two studies
Une pilule, une petite granule - Martin Drapeau
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