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Stepped care

Implementing hierarchized care: A case study

by Véronique Wilson (24/11/2011)
Quebec's Mental Health Action (MHAP) 2005-2010 proposes a reorganization of mental health services based on hierarchized care. This hierarchization consists of defining the care provided and the clients served by different service providers, as well as the interface management mechanisms between levels of care. Its objective is to improve the efficiency of the care system through better complementarity between service providers and by ensuring an increased continuity of care between them....

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A promising approach

by Hélène Brouillet (08/09/2010)
The stepped care model seems to be a promising approach for improving quality of care for people with common mental disorders. To recap, stepped care is a health care model where interventions are prioritized according to patient needs. When the patient's health does not improve following the interventions offered, progression towards more complex care is considered. This model would improve the current organization of mental health services...

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