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Psychological health in New Brunswick

Adopting a mental fitness approach in New Brunswick schools

by Michelle Bourgoin (28/03/2012)
The 2009-2010 New Brunswick Student Wellness Survey draws an alarming portrait of the student body's mental health. According to the survey, only 17% of students have a high level of mental fitness (15% of boys and 19% of girls). These rates clearly indicate a need to further develop approaches that aim to improve the mental fitness of youth in our schools...

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What is mental fitness?

by Michelle Bourgoin (24/11/2011)
The semantics of a word often has an impact on perceptions, ideas and beliefs associated with that word. Unlike physical health, we often think of illness or disorder in connection with mental health. That's why New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy uses the term 'mental fitness' to promote mental health. ...

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Solving Wellness Crisis

by Michelle Bourgoin (24/08/2011)
New Brunswick is facing a wellness crisis. As its population's rates of obesity, inactivity and smoking were steadily rising, the Government of New Brunswick created the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport in 2006 to help build a culture of well-being in the province...

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