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Qualaxia believes in dynamic research development

One of Qualaxia's objectives is to develop and support research projects in applied public mental health. Our members' projects are usually designed and achieved in collaboration with decision-makers, managers, and practitioners, thus making our work increasingly relevant while fostering more effective communication between all parties involved.

Project progress

We believe that it is important to lay emphasis on the progression of research projects over time. To this end, we have defined three phases:
  • Phase 1: Project outset and research
  • Phase 2: Results and preliminary publications
  • Phase 3: All publications and archives
Qualaxia is currently supporting the following research projects:
Agir Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

To improve primary care interventions, the Agir project seeks to better understand the factors that promote or hinder the self-management of depression. Relatives who support a person experiencing a first depressive episode also face particular challenges and may need help. The Agir project lets us hear what they have to say.

Cible Qualité II Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

The Cible Qualité project made it possible to develop and implement a program to improve the quality of care for anxiety and depressive disorders in six Quebec Health and Social Services Centres (CSSS) primary mental health care teams. Cible Qualité II aims to implement the program further, namely by partnering each CSSS with a medical clinic and setting up a local clinical information system.

Cible Qualité Project - phase 2
Axis 2. Treat and Support

The Projet Cible Qualité aims at supporting the implementation of strategies for improving the quality of care for anxiety and depressive disorders in local health networks in Quebec. The project is conducted in six Health and Social Services Centres (CSSS) and the research outcomes will help measure the extent to which the support program is linked to concrete changes in the organization and delivery of mental health care and services.

Dialogue Project - phase 2
Axis 2. Treat and Support

Projet Dialogue is a four-year research program (2006-2010) conducted in close collaboration with decision-makers, managers, clinicians and other partners within the health system. While related to the general reforms underway in the Quebec healthcare system, it is more specifically linked to the Action Plan on Mental Health (2005-2010) issued by Quebec’s Minister of health and social services (MSSS).

Direct-sc Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

The DIRECT-sc project aims to support the detection and management of depression in primary care for adult patients suffering from comorbid chronic physical illnesses. The research team recommends self-care tools to primary care physicians and patients. These tools include notebooks and other audio visual resources to help patients follow and understand their depressive symptoms in order to improve the management of their conditions.

Entre les lignes Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

Entre les lignes is a four-year research program that aims to produce knowledge in the field of collaborative mental health care for youth. This project also seeks to improve existing partnerships through the development and evaluation of training models. It is an endeavour that includes research and institutional partners involved in the implementation of an action plan for youth mental health who want to act on the challenges surrounding this implementation.

Jalons Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

The Jalons project's main goal is to support decision-makers, health care administrators and clinicians who want to implement evidence-based strategies to improve the quality of primary care. The Jalons project is supported by an interdisciplinary committee of experts composed of researchers, clinicians, health care administrators and decision-makers from different backgrounds.

Mirerimowin Project - phase 1
Axis 1. Promote and Prevent

The Mirerimowin (being well) project is a Community Based Participatory Research aiming to promote the health of First Nations youth and support their empowerment. This CBPR rests on Photovoice to give voice to the youth in order to gain a better understanding of their complex mental health needs. It also aims to test and adapt an empowerment program developed by Australian Aboriginal people to the context of Canadian First Nations communities.

Trajectoires Project - phase 1
Axis 2. Treat and Support

Trajectoires is a unique project whose goal is to document the type of mental health care services provided in remote areas and to identify promising practices and models of service. This research is conducted in collaboration with health system partners of the Nunavik and Basse-Côte-Nord regions.

Transition cégep Project - phase 1
Axis 1. Promote and Prevent

The Transition Cégep project aims to support six colleges in a structured approach on reflection and action to improve student mental health. After six meetings focusing on knowledge transfer and sharing, local work groups were asked to prioritize and implement interventions promoting the mental health of youth transitioning to adulthood. This research project will reveal to what extent this type of support is associated with enhancing mental health interventions.

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