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Qualaxia is an essential partner in society

The Qualaxia Network benefits greatly from its various institutional and financial partners. Their structuring contribution distinguishes and strengthens our network.

Main partner of the Qualaxia Network

The INSPQ has placed mental health on its list of research priorities and has made it one of its fields of expertise. As a number of INSPQ researchers and experts contribute to the network, it is only logical to join Qualaxia in pursuit of their common goals. In addition, the INSPQ physically constitutes the nerve centre of Qualaxia by providing the necessary facilities for the researchers, professionals and students who are added to its regular staff.

Main research partner

The CRCHUM supports the Qualaxia Network with its solid health research infrastructure and also constitutes the research affiliation of Qualaxia’s general and scientific director and of certain researchers. It facilitates the recruitment and support of promising researchers.

University partner

The ESPUM has a great number of professors from various disciplines who contribute to teaching and research in public health, several of which also participate in Qualaxia Network research projects. In addition, the ESPUM facilitates the development of initial training and continuing education in the field of mental health.

First-rate financial partners

The IRSC, FRSQ and MSSS provide financial support to the Applied Public Health Chair held by Dr. Louise Fournier, thereby indirectly supporting the Qualaxia Network as well. These organizations also finance several network projects.

Web platform financial partner

The Qualaxia Network website platform is subsidized by + Taking care of yourself + a program focused on improving health.

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