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Qualaxia is a flexible structure that embraces multiple initiatives

Our goals can be summarized quite simply:
  • Supporting applied research in the field of public mental health. Our network helps to link researchers and to support project development.

  • Developing expertise. Our members are actively involved in organizing or participating in expert committees, producing scientific advice, policy papers and knowledge synthesis. They also contribute to developing tools that support the improvement of intervention quality.

  • Contributing to education. Our network contributes to the initial training of emerging professionals and the continuous training of health care providers. We provide graduates with supervision and develop easily accessible online courses for university students as well as health sector decision-makers, managers and clinicians.

  • Promoting the exchange and transfer of knowledge. Our network encourages the integration of various health care system players into research activities. We continually broadcast information through our website, our newsletter, Quazette, and publications destined for researchers, experts, decision-makers, managers and clinicians. We also participate in the organization of knowledge transfer events.

  • Developing partnerships around the world. Our network participates in the financial support of high-level collaborations and the organization of international missions and events.
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