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Qualaxia is a flexible structure and simplified administration

The idea behind the Qualaxia Network is to unite as many experts as possible in a flexible and adaptable framework. Each person involved brings the collaboration and knowledge necessary to the successful operation of our network.

General and scientific management

Photo of Dr. Louise Fournier, general manager and scientific director of Qualaxia network
The general and scientific management is carried out by Qualaxia Network founder Louise Fournier, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Département de médecine sociale et préventive of Université de Montréal's faculty of medicine.

Dr. Louise Fournier holds a Chair in Applied Public Health IRSC-FRSQ-MSSS and it is within this context that she has created the Qualaxia Network.

As lead scientist, she is currently heading several projects connected with primary mental health care services. In her 20 years as a researcher, she has worked closely with other researchers, experts, decision-makers, managers and clinicians.

Her ultimate goal is to implement projects that help support and respond to needs and priorities in various fields of practice, and various contexts.

Not only has she received several grants from peer committee organizations, her work has often dealt with populational measures, primary care treatment and services as well as promotion and prevention.

Phone : 514-890-8000, ext. 35288


Qualaxia grows everyday by adapting to its environment

The Qualaxia Network is in a developmental phase. The needs expressed by members and in the field will guide Qualaxia Network management in the addition of personnel or the establishment of new operating structures.

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