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Quintessence is a Qualaxia Network publication that caters to decision-makers, managers, clinicians and other public health professionals interested in improving populational mental health. Quintessence provides essential insight on a given theme, a promising experiment or major publication. Also, one of our goals is making works only available in English accessible to Francophones.
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Quintessence - Vol.7 No.3 (november 2015)
Improving the continuum of care for persons with common mental disorders in Nunavik in french only
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.7 No.2 (october 2015)
Promotion and Prevention in Mental Health at Cégep de l'Outaouais: Experience of the Je tiens la route! project. in french only
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.7 No.1 (march 2015)
Psychosocial interventions for farmers: how to promote access and facilitate eligibility for services in french only
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