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Quintessence is a Qualaxia Network publication that caters to decision-makers, managers, clinicians and other public health professionals interested in improving populational mental health. Quintessence provides essential insight on a given theme, a promising experiment or major publication. Also, one of our goals is making works only available in English accessible to Francophones.
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Quintessence - Vol.6 No.12 (November 2014)
Advocating distributed leadership to promote workplace health in schools (in french only)
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.11 (October 2014)
Programs that promote children's emotional well-being
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.10 (September 2014)
Screening adults for depression in primary care
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.9 (August 2014)
Exercise During Pregnancy: Benefits and Strategies to Overcome Barriers
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.8 (July 2014)
School Violence: What can schools do about it?
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.7 (June 2014)
Effectively supporting child development through actions that meet 10 essential conditions
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.6 (May 2014)
The economic benefits of improved access to psychotherapy: two studies
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.5 (April 2014)
The workplace: Fertile ground for promoting men's mental health
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.4 (April 2014)
Work-related mental health problems: Practices to avoid
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.3 (march 2014)
The mental health of farmers, a complex situation
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.2 (january 2014)
Supporting post-secondary student learning and mental health: seven key components of a Canadian guide
Download (PDF)

Quintessence - Vol.6 No.1 (january 2014)
Nursing in advanced mental-health practice: meeting society's needs
Download (PDF)

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