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Jane McCusker

Qualaxia Network's member Jane McCusker receives additional funding for the depression self-care (DIRECT-sc) research program

On May 1, 2013, Jane McCusker and her team received $223,000 for an additional three years of work related to the DIRECT-sc research program. Funding was granted by the FRQS Mental Health program, which had already provided the funds needed to carry out the first phases of the work.

DIRECT-sc aims to support the detection and management of depression in primary care for patients aged 40 and over suffering from comorbid chronic physical illnesses. The research team has tested a variety of self-care tools, including informational and skill-building tools delivered in paper-based and audio visual media, to help patients develop skills to improve the management of their depressive symptoms. A randomized trial is underway to compare the effectiveness of the self-care tools with and without telephone support from a trained coach.

During the three-year renewal period, the team will use the self-care tools currently studied in the DIRECT-sc trial and adapt them to different population sub-groups (e.g., people with visual impairment, cancer, arthritis) in various community contexts through a series of qualitative and feasibility studies. Additional funding will be sought to formally evaluate these interventions in randomized trials.

Co-investigators Mark Yaffe, Martin Cole, Tamara Sussman, Erin Strumpf and Maida Sewitch are joined for this work by Ellen Freeman, who will help lead components of the work related to low-vision populations.

See the St-Mary's Research Centre Website

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